Case Stories

Katahdin Time Dollar Exchange

Ken Anderson grew up in a rural community in Michigan during the 1950s and 1960s. While he once farmed full-time, by the time I came along, my father had taken a job in the city, and continued farming and logging part time. As people were apt to do then, He grew up watching his father, a full-time farmer barter skills to accomplish daily activities, leaving the flow of cash in the community to be maintained by those who wouldn’t participate in the system of exchange. For example, instead of paying the butcher to cut up his venison after hunting season, he might shoe the butcher’s horses. No money was exchanged.

ケン・アンダーソン(Ken Anderson)は1950年代から1960年代の間、ミシガンの田舎社会で育ちました。かつて私の父は専業農家でしたが、私が生まれてからは町で仕事を得て、農林業を非常勤で続けていました。当時の人々が皆そうしたように、彼は、彼の父親、日々の活動を完結させる為の専業農家の物々交換技術、その交換システムに参加する気のない人々によって管理される社会のお金の流れから離れる事、を見て育ちました。例えば狩猟期の後、肉屋に鹿肉を切ってもらう代金を支払う代わりに、彼は肉屋の馬に蹄鉄を打つこともありました。お金のやり取りは行われませんでした。

While the example above was not very formalized or part of any community-wide program, recent time has come to create programs such as the Katahdin Time Dollar Exchange. In this more formal bartering system, one “time dollar” is credited for each hour of service performed. Whether the service is a professional service, mowing a lawn, helping to clean a stream, or playing cards with seniors at a local nursing home, for every hour you give, you get an hour back. These time dollars can be redeemed later in the form of services that you may need from someone else.

この例は地域社会全体の計画の一部ではないとはいえ、近年、カタディン・タイムダラー交換システム(Katahdin Time Dollar Exchange =KTDE)といった試みが作られるようになっています。このようなより公式な物々交換システムでは、1“タイムダラー”が1時間分のサービス活動として認められています。そのサービスがプロのサービスなのか、芝刈り、川の清掃、もしくは地域の介護施設での老人達とのトランプ遊びなのか、ということを問わず、1時間を提供するごとに、貴方に時間が戻ってきます。これらのタイムダラーはそのうち必要になるサービスという形で誰か他の人によって後から精算することができます。

In the spirit of helping a neighbor in need, the KTDE brings people together for mutual benefit. In addition, its members perform community services for the greater benefit of the Katahdin, Michigan region. 1


1 Katahdin Time Dollar Exchange: http://magic-city-news.com/article_3883.shtml

Barter Systems, Inc. Commercial Barter

Barter Systems, Inc. is an organization who aims to offers business owners and professionals, another means of meeting many of their ongoing business and personal needs without using cash. BSI clients have the ability to use trade dollars earned by selling their products or services to other BSI client companies or to member companies belonging to other barter exchanges located throughout North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia and South America. Below is an excerpt from a thank you letter written to BSI by one of their satisfied members:

バーターシステムズ社(Barter Systems, Inc. =BSI)は、現金を使用せずに進行中のビジネスと個人的需要の多くを満たす別の手段を、事業主と専門家に提供することを目的とする組織です。BSIの顧客は、彼らの製品やサービスを他のBSIの顧客企業や北アメリカ、カリブ諸国、ヨーロッパ、オーストラリア、および南米にある他のバーター取引システムに属する会員企業へ売ることで得られる貿易ドルを使うことが可能です。


“We are writing this letter to thank you for the newest business opportunity you have introduced to our company. It has opened several doors to our company that would have remained closed, if it were not for “Barter Systems.” With “Barter Systems” we have gained new customers; with the new customers, we have gained trade dollars; with the trade dollars, we have been able to utilize the potential buying power within the vast network. The end result, we keep more “George Washington’s” in the bank!


“In addition to the new customer’s and the new income, we have utilized the trade dollars in several ways. All expensing involved with sales is done using trade dollars. We give a fifty dollar gift certificate to the employee of the month, via Barter. We have counteracted the high costs of medical insurance by taking advantage of the many medical services within “Barter Systems.” In the future we are going to have all of our company holiday parties through “Barter Systems.” We plan to use the catering services, DJ services, entertainment services, and whatever else might prove to create smiles on the employees who make our business work. Where we used to budget money for such events now we just Barter!